Xi'an: car parking normal parking spaces were flooded lawyers asked municipal compensation (Figure)

Applicant's car this time due to heavy rain damage repair costs 10,000 yuan by the Xi'an Municipal Public Utilities Council
After a heavy rain, the car parked on the roadside regular parking spaces was flooded with plenty of rain, which was annoyed by Han Zhaizhen as a lawyer, and there was no rainy day to stop the warning signs. Municipal facilities, including incomplete, including their own vehicles, including many vehicles damaged water, he believes that the municipal government departments such as Xi'an should be responsible for this. Recently, Han Zhaizhe to the municipal department to send a lawyer letter of application, requiring the unit on the municipal public facilities and the rain caused the damage to the vehicle to explain the issue. Night car owners have to be carved Han Zhaizhu live in Xi'an Qujiang a district, there is a Passat sedan. June 11 evening storm that he lost a huge storm. Han Chaoze introduced, June 10, he came home from work, the car parked in Chang'an District, Changxing Road, No. 22, Zhukuan district parking management department designated parking spaces, "was paid a parking fee." Han Zhaizhe said, 11 He did not drive, that night a heavy rain struck, June 12 morning to drive to work shocked, "the car there is a lot of rain sewage, the front seat was soaked in rain, the car in the water up to 20 cm. "Han Zhaizhe introduction, the rain is a little flooded the vehicle infiltrated a little bit, he will be the situation to the Chinese financial insurance company in Shaanxi branch to reflect the car will be delayed to 4S shop damage maintenance, the initial loss of 10,000 yuan repair costs. "When I was in the 4S shop loss, at least to see two or three cars were flooded to repair." Han Zhaizhe said, according to his later understanding, June 11 evening rain, due to poor road drainage facilities , Xi'an flooded the number of damaged vehicles a lot. China Business News reporter learned from a number of 4S shop, the day there are many vehicles due to flooding and car repair. Apply for 10,000 yuan repair fee by the Xi'an Municipal Public Utilities Bureau to assume Han Chao said that the evening of June 11, Xi'an under less than 30 minutes of heavy rain, part of the area on the water, whether it is too heavy rain, or row Rainwater facilities are too fragile to withstand half an hour of rainstorm test? Whether it is natural disasters force majeure, or municipal drainage system is not to force? Han Zhaizhe said that his car parked in the location of the municipal roadside unified demarcation of the parking spaces, there are special charges, the section of the parking spaces near the rainy days or flood warning period. Vehicles parked in the legally designated parking spaces on the vehicle damage, repair costs should be borne by the municipal departments. According to this, Han Zhaoliang issued a lawyer's application letter to the Xi'an Municipal Public Utilities Bureau, asked the council to open the municipal drainage network to the rainstorm prevention planning and design of government information; open municipal drainage network maintenance funds are in place of government information; Sudden response to the specific measures of the emergency government information; the applicant's car due to heavy rain damage repair costs 10,000 yuan by the Xi'an Municipal Public Utilities Council. Municipal administration has received a lawyer letter will be investigated to understand the China Business News reporter learned from the Xi'an Municipal Public Utilities Bureau, the Council has received a letter from the North Korean lawyers, lawyers will be described in the investigation of the situation to understand and respond accordingly, But any work has a procedure, this process is estimated to be a period of time. "" According to the law, if the Xi'an Municipal Public Utilities within 15 working days do not give me a positive reply, I will sue. "Han Zhaizhe said, I hope that my move can cause the attention of the relevant departments, can awaken the general public awareness of the rights of the people. ">> News extension of the city waterlogged" people complained "received compensation 59 million yuan in July 2012, Beijing and Tianjin storm Many private car owners suffered heavy losses. July 27 morning, about 80 owners and drivers to the relevant departments to file a claim. At that time, some analysts believe that due to poor municipal drainage system, resulting in a large number of water in Beijing and Tianjin, and thus make insurance companies have to bear huge compensation, so the municipal government should bear some liability. Some lawyers pointed out that if the municipal daily maintenance is not in place, the drainage pipe in the course of the rain did not play a drainage role, drainage is not timely, did not meet the design of the drainage standards, resulting in increased losses, the municipal side should bear some compensation responsible. In the summer of 2011, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, Chaling Furniture City, just two months time even by two waterlogging, has lost nearly a million dollars, the boss Xie Qiuyun that the furniture city flooded with the municipal system drainage facilities problems, Chaling County Urban Management Bureau, County Construction Bureau, County Planning Bureau to court. August 2014, after three years of difficult litigation, which is known as Zhuzhou waterlogging "people told the official" the first case of final trial, Xie Qiuyun received 59 million yuan.

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