Russian crash plane black box has been found (Figure)

A black box in the crash of the Russian airliner has been found
On 31 October, Egyptian Prime Minister Sharif Ismail (former) arrived at the Russian crash plane in the Hassanar Mountains in the south of the Ainh region, the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. Egyptian Prime Minister Sharif Ismail said at a press conference held in the evening of October 31 that a crash in the Russian plane of a black box has been found, has found 129 victims of the remains. Xinhua News Agency (Egyptian Prime Minister's Office) October 31, the delivery of the first crash of the Russian aircraft crash victims of the ambulance arrived in the Egyptian capital of Cairo's morgue. A Russian airliner from Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg, Russia, crashed shortly after the morning of October 31, with more than 200 survivors. Xinhua News Agency reporter Pan Chaoyue photo

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