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Air junk
During the Spring Festival, Taiwan Taitung sightseeing spots almost everywhere rubbish, so that Taitung people angry. In accordance with the rhythm of the past, this time the mainland people should come back to the pot. But the problem is, now Taiwan, mainland tourists have been reduced a lot of ah. Taigong people Lin Jinming said that before the landlord to see litter, must scold no public morality, the Chinese New Year Luke almost did not come, who is the manufacture of these garbage? Want to know is the people of Taiwan lost, only to say that others, they are not good where to go. This news, see friends Jay Chen can not help but ridicule up - these garbage, must be the mainland people empty vote. This bitter pot posture is quite new, many Taiwanese users echoed: unexpectedly, some Taiwanese friends or severely punish the truth: after all, there are Taiwanese artists in South Korea before the noise shame, said Mandarin installed mainland people. Some users began to self-reflection, the level of Taiwan people would not have been high: empty garbage, this brain seems a bit big, but this thing really happened. In January 2016, after North Korea's fourth nuclear test, the situation in North Korea and Korea became more and more tense. South Korea on the Korean border repeated broadcast of popular songs, in order to retaliate, North Korea to helium balloon with a large number of cigarette butts, used toilet paper and leaflets, to South Korea put "garbage helium balloon", helium balloon directly landing the ground, And even squeeze a lot of residents of the water tank and car. In fact, this kind of air "garbage" way, between South Korea and North Korea has come back and forth many times. Saying, Xiao Bian turned this Jay Chen's facebook, found that the users from Taiwan, irony is very skillful to use. "Taiwan is capable of sinking Liaoning number, with our strength, Japan gently touch on the broken." "Green Committee" He married, wrong write "pay", after all, this is Chinese, no, is normal of. Standing posture to fist, dry good! Approved the DPP to, but also spare no effort, "before the election for the people mouthpiece, after the election cut your mouth." Batch of Cai Yingwen approved "Taiwan independence" "Hong Kong independence" This user is probably a child hand?

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