Stock index fell more than 1% below 3600 points new shares fell

Down 3.01%
China Securities News (Reporter Wu Yue Meng) Friday intraday, stock shocks down, stock index fell more than 1% below 3600 points, the GEM fell more than 3% fell. As of 10:39, the Shanghai Composite Index reported 3579.31 points, down 1.48%; Shenzhen Component Index reported 12342.03 points, down 2.3%; the GEM reported 2701.06 points, down 3.01%. Disk, point of view, super capacitor, Disney, power industry, Shanghai auto trade drifting; food safety, times new shares, 3D printing, Internet, gene sequencing, domestic software decline among the top.

117843000:2017-04-05 17:34:40